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Now Every Child Can Learn!

So you suspect that your child has dyslexia?

Do you notice these behaviours?

  1. Seems quite bright but but unable to cope with schoolwork .
  2. There are good days and bad days for doing work e.g. reads more fluently on some days.
  3. Generally disorganized e.g. can’t get clothes or books ready for school, forgets or loses personal belongings.
  4. Seems very frustrated at times and/or has temper tantrums when doing schoolwork.
  5. Restless - unable to sit still.
  6. Concentration poor / easily distracted.
  7. Confuses and reverses letters similar in shape e.g. b and d, u and n, p and q.
  8. Sometimes reverses whole words when reading e.g. was for saw, on for no.
  9. Frequently loses place on a page - needs to point.
  10. Frequently forgets and confuses common words and grammar e.g. was and were, they and there.
  11. Can’t remember words previously learnt even within the same day or same text
  12. Reads very slowly and hesitantly, finds reading very effortful
  13. Many alterations or crossings out in written work , difficulty keeping on lines, written work looks generally untidy.
  14. Difficulty copying from a book or board
  15. Finds writing a tiring activity, writes very slowly. 

If you notice these behaviours in your child persistently, then it time to contact a professional to screen your child for dyslexia.

You can do a simple screening for dyslexia at just $50 in about 45 minutes to confirm dyslexia before embarking on full psychological assessment which costs a few hundreds and takes a few hours or days to complete.